Lesson Learned Paper

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Lessons Learned Paper
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Lessons Learned Paper
Critical Thinking
I learned so much more about critical thinking then I ever knew before I attended this class. I learned about critical thinking in previous classes and I thought I had a good understanding of the subject. I now understand that information was the foundation for this class.
In class this week, I learned to use critical thinking to identify assumptions and situatedness in people’s writing and speaking. I learned that everyone makes assumptions, and a certain amount of assumptions are good. I was taught early on that assumptions are bad. I remember the old saying, to assume will make an ass out of you and me. I now see that was a very
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These tools will help me to develop as a scholar, practitioner, and leader. As a scholar I can use other’s assumptions and situatedness to glean new information. As a practitioner I can put this new information to use. Finally, as a leader, I can use the information to motivate and inspire.
I learned another new word, deconstruction. I now have a new tool to add to my tool belt. Deconstruction is taking the knowledge of situatedness and assumptions and then looking for situatedness, assumptions, and writing style in another’s body of work. This really kicks it up a notch. I’m just getting used to not using Google and now I find I need to deconstruct sound, peer reviewed work.
The deconstruction exercise in class showed me how a seemingly well written paper, can be severely flawed by the assumptions the author makes or by his situatedness. I must learn to look deeper into other’s writing to see their value system so I can better understand where they are coming from and to understand the true meaning of their words. I now understand how five people can watch an accident and when interviewed they provide five different stories as to what just happened. They each view the same accident through their situatedness.
I need to practice deconstructing everything I read until I just do it by second nature without thinking about it. I must master this skill to be able to find credible sources for my dissertation.