Essay on Letter: Internet and Digital Divide

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I am so excited to tell you about all the great things that the internet has to offer. The internet makes my life so much easier in many different ways. Firstly I would like to tell you about search engines, I think that when you are searching for reliable information it is important to narrow down your search. I usually just type in the topic that I am researching and then pick out the information that I will need to answer basic questions, such as where, when, who, what, and why? I then determine whether the source is reliable. I think that this is really important to do, especially if the information is for an assignment. I can usually tell if the source is reliable if it is a government based website. You can tell if a website is government based by checking if the URL ends in: .gov, .org, or .edu. These websites all contain facts and accurate information. Some of these websites will share research that has been conducted, and some will show charts and graphs. I like to use these websites because I think that it is important to include research and diagrams into a final paper, so that you can support your opinion. I always stay away from websites such as Wikipedia and because these websites are not controlled and anyone can add information to these websites. These websites are also very biased because people share their opinions about the topic. Opinion based websites are not reliable information because you cannot use it as evidence in a paper. Opinions are not facts so it is important to use facts so that all your information is true. There are also OPAC’s (online public access catalogs). OPAC’s are also very reliable sources, they provide research that has been conducted, and they provide newspaper articles, graphs, and books. This information cannot be altered in any way so they are great sources to use. You were wondering what the digital divide is? Well the digital divide is when communities or individuals do not have access to technology that is improving our lives. One thing that would be considered in the digital divide is the internet. If individuals do not have access to the internet then they are not able to access information as easily. The internet helps many people every day. For me, the internet allows me to go to school, access information without having to go to a library, and communicate with my friends and family. This technology makes my life a lot easier, even though having this technology is not completely necessary I have become accustomed to it. I could not imagine my life without it now. I grew up as technology was advancing, when I was about 9 or 10 a computer connected to the internet was accessible to me at all times, they were accessible at school and at home. Without computers it