6 Stages Of Development

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When learning to write children go through six stages of development. pictures: children begin written literacy by telling their stories through pictures they have drawn.
Wavy scribbles: children make wave like lines on paper. This is an attempt to copy hand writing, there are no letters or breaks to look like words. The lines are ongoing waves across the page.
Letter like scribbles: children make forms that look like made up letters or numbers. Familiar letters may appear. The letters are scattered across the page.
Random letters in a line: As children begin to recognise letters they begin to write them, letter forms are often backwards or upside down. The letters lack spaces between them (not in word form) but are often written in lines or letter strings.
Patterned letters/strings: children begin to include letter strings with recognisable patterns. Sometimes simple words or their names appear within the letter strings.
Conventional writing: there is a connection between the letters on the page and the sounds in the words children are trying to write. Miss spelling and backward letters are common however the writing can be read by others.

Literacy Milestones
Birth- 18months: children follow moving objects, use facial expressions to express themselves, transfer objects from hand to hand, pick up small objects and start to recognise symbols such as use of baby sign, and vocal symbols.

12months to 3 years:
Children begin to mark purposely on paper, they learn to hold a pencil and use scissors. They begin to write or scribble all over paper and ask adults to write/ label objects

2.5 -5 years
Children Draw pictures to tell a story, they recognise their own name and understand that pictures in books have meaning. They can recognise patterns, produce letter forms or letters. They can understand left to right. Write letters and copy words
How to encourage children’s writing
• Provide a variety of writing materials such as paper, markers, pencils, chalk, easel etc.
• Provide letter templates