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Assessment task – CFC1 Confidence building for the young child through play

This assessment has been designed to meet all assessment criteria for learning outcomes 1 and 2.


Play is a vital part of a young child’s life. Your role as the carer is to support the child to have a great time and really enjoy themselves, and also enable their confidence and self esteem to develop. The tasks will allow you to show your understanding of this important part of caring for the young child.

Task 1 links to assessment criteria 1.1 and 1.2.

* List three play activities that would help to build the child’s confidence. Your activities could be for indoor or outdoor play

1. Dressing Up (2-6 years) – role modelling their parents and helps express their feelings.

2. Singing & Miming (2-6 years) – Learn new words and gestures.

3. Swimming (Any Age) – Helps improve their muscles.

* State briefly the way you would support a young child as they gain confidence in an activity.

Make sure they feel welcome and are involved in the activity as they might think that they aren’t good enough and it will knock their confidence to be able to speak out again. To get them involved in the activity you could ask them questions about the activity and get them to talk about it. This will help them because they can see you are taking interest in what they are talking about.

Task 2 links to assessment criteria 2.1 and 2.2.

Playing with puppets is an activity that could help a young child…