Life After Life

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After life

One day I was sitting on the couch sick just watching some T.V. I turned to this like history channel and it was kind of good. So I sat there and it was actually interesting. They were talking about the after life and death. There was this little boy that had been born and new everything about airplanes. There was this guy that died a while ago and he was a pilot and so was his friend. The little boy would always say that one guys friends name. He would also say that his plain crashed and he died. His mom would just like no think about it till it started happening over and over again. She didn’t know why he was so smart and why he new so much about plains. He would repeat things that happened in his life before the one he was living. So they said that they don’t really know what was wrong with him. So they figured that he was back from the after life. People would interview him and he was on the news and everything. He even has a show on T.V. about him, witch is the one that I watched. I thought at first that oh this is so stupid and there is no way that it is true. So I sat there and decided to give it a try. It was good except for what his parents were saying. They said that it was going to make him so popular. But really they didn’t care about their son. It was basically just about them. They don’t understand that he might get made fun of because of this. He might be like in high school and like is a “nerd” because he likes airplanes. People now a days do that because they are just rude. People need to learn that everyone is different. I think that the little boy doesn’t really understand what’s going on with him in