Life Choices Essay

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Time Management Time Management is a major problem in today’s society. People don’t plan things ahead of time. People get caught up in one task and forget about the other tasks they have to complete. The definition of time management is basically planning and dividing one's time in a constructive way. Time is precious and limited. Many people waste their time procrastinating the task that needs to be complete. This actually wastes more time than doing the task right away. I need to learn to spend time as wisely as spending money. Money is important to people and I need to use my time as importantly as I use my money. There are many ways to improve time management skills. One thing to do is to make the task that needs to be accomplished fun and less tedious. Another way to improve my time management skills would be to make a to-do list of tasks. The first thing to do for this list is to prioritize the list. I always want to get the most important assignments done first. Even if I don’t want to do the important assignment first because it’s a longer assignment I really need to learn to prioritize each individual assignment. The next thing to do with the to-do list is to plan when each task should be finished and set a date. It’s also very important to not procrastinate or postpone the whole list. I need to focus on one task and not try to start one then start another. The last thing to do when make a to-do list is to understand the one task is manageable,