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Life better in Britain!

Don’t even get me started about life in Britain, it has changed and it can be improved. I believe that to make life better in Britain for the general public we need to get rid of two things, the Conservative party and David Cameron.
Life in Britain today, I believe has become worse. Now rich people with good incomes can relax but medium class people are now always worrying about the fact that bills and expenses have gone up although their income have gone down. Business sales have dropped greatly over the past few years and instead of the new government (conservative) helping they have increased the taxes’ and have reduced income support for low income families to make conditions even worse. In addition; David Cameron in a newspaper article threatened that over time he may cancel benefits overall. I’m sure if anything like that were to happen there would be protests even though what David Cameron has already done is bad enough, Now medium class people have to sacrifice small fun activities like taking their kids to the beach for a day out, just so they can cover up all the tax and petrol increases.
This is just the beginning because many more price increases have happened and there are many to come with Cameron in power, just like the university fees tripling. Now it’s very difficult for most young teenagers to go to university, education is very important as Mr Cameron has himself stated, then why is he increasing the fees to such an extent it makes it hard for most family’s to afford educating their children to further than college. These young teenagers in Britain today are the country’s future and if they don’t get a decent education and a decent job then UK as a county will go down in the world G.D.P country ranking. When David Cameron came into power he was showing off how he would make the country better in all sorts of ways and how he would get us out of the recession, well so far he is the one putting us into the recession.
Some other increases are bus fares; there used to be a time when labour party was in power and bus fares were £2.00 cash and 90p using an oyster card. Today bus fares are £2.30 cash and £1.35 using an oyster card, not only buses but David Cameron has also increased all public transport fares like train and tube. David may try and say in his defence that bus fares increased because of fuel increases but the fuel has also increased because of tax which again David is responsible for. David has previously stated that looking after our environment is very important and to drive fewer cars makes a large difference, if David really wants this to happen he should keep the public transport fares low so people use public transport instead of a car.
Economy isn’t the only problem with the conservative party; another major problem was the riots. When the riots happened…