Life of Nicole Essay

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I honestly don't even know where to begin. Nicole and I have had a rough yet amazing friendship. It all started back in middle school when I met her on the front lawn of my cousin's house. Her best friend was a family friend of ours and ever since then, we instantly cliqued. I would see her at the ice rink on Friday nights and spend the whole night with her, giggling over the stupidest things. I realized some of her friends were also some of mine which made it more convienent to see her. We became so close that our business became each other's business. When it came to guys, her and I had a soft spot. We never hesitated to confide in each other and we felt for each other such as getting cheated on, lied to, etc. Our friendship grew as we got older, especially when we reached high school. Not only did we have class together but we began to create a bond that was unbreakable. We made plans that always followed through such as vacations to New Jersey, NYC, concerts, or going to the club. Either way we enjoyed each other's company and she became the sister I never had. We found out along the way that her dad and my mom were the best of friends during the 60s which made our friendship even more comical and ironic. Unfortunately, before I knew it, Nicole was forced to switch schools.

When Nicole informed me that her parents were sending her to Immaculate, my heart shattered. I know that sounds extremely dramatic but keep in mind that this girl was in my life through the heartbreak, fake friends, and family issues. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I would snap at her because I thought she was being a stupid girl making dumb decisions. I was tired of seeing