Life of Pi Essay

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Uniforms should be implemented in schools. The reason why I agree is because students will learn to respect each other. After all, looking professional is a good way to give a first good impression. Respect could also be gained through the discipline students get from wearing uniforms. Also, buying uniforms could be a great way for parents to save money. I mean, uniforms cost $500 max, but if you think about it is way more expensive. Plus, if you think about it, parents would save more money buying uniforms than new shirts, pants, and shoes to replaces old up ones. This essay will explain why students learn to respect each other and why uniforms help families save money.

However, there are also arguments to why uniforms should not be implemented in schools. The fact that there would be not diversity and it could lead to a rebellion or protest. Also, they might say that uniforms are boring, especially since you'd have to wear the same thing everyday. Which is what could affect a person's (most likely children or teens) self-development and discovery. There is also one thing that I have to admit that I agree on. The fact that uniforms won't stop the fact that students will still get bullied or teased. By making students believe the opposite, this would create a false sense of security. Which is not a good thing for teens and especially children, since they might think that the world is all about safety and respect... which is not the case.

I think that schools should