Life of a Correctional Officer Essay

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CRJ: 303 Corrections
17 March 2013
The life of a correctional officer is something that is easily over looked. Not understanding or knowing the intricate details that go into what it actually takes to coexist with incarcerated inmates is one of the reasons that the general public is able to go about their daily lives, not thinking or wondering how those inmates are controlled. Correctional officers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, having to work with prison inmates on a daily basis and not knowing when something may happen that could endanger themselves or their fellow correctional officers. Keywords: daily, corrections, life, officers, policies,

The life of a correctional
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Post orders differ from the general policies that describe how to do an activity because they are specific to the assignment and detail what to do rather than how to do it (Seiter, 2011). These assignments all make up the typical day that includes a mix of routine activities and constant communication with the inmates. For instance, “one minute an officer is explaining court papers, the next he could be handing out soap or toilet paper”.
A corrections officer’s day is anything but typical. One day at work may be quiet and uneventful while the next day could be filled with danger and violence. Corrections officers can be attacked or taken hostage at any moment, so officers must constantly be aware of their surroundings. If an inmate overpowers an officer and takes his weapon, the result can be catastrophic. At the beginning of the corrections officer’s shift, there is usually a staff meeting to discuss various topics–the meeting is known as a “read off,” and during the read off, officers are informed of their posts and duties for that day. While most posts are in the inmates’ housing units, some posts involve admitting new inmates and getting their information processed and entered into the prison system (U.S. Department of Labor, 2013). This “intake” process is fast paced and requires a great deal of skill and experience in corrections. Inmates