Linda Lee The Case Against College

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“Are you going to college?” This is one of the most common questions high school students are asked. Not every student knows the answer. Some do and have an extensive plan, while others are unsure of what path they may end up in. Either one is okay, but hopefully a student is considering college. College is important and people should be motivated to go.
A college degree is vital in order to have a successful career. College allows a person to grow with knowledge and become an expert on their choice major. The higher the education one receives, the more money they will make in their field. College degrees are needed to have a well-paid job. Employers would rather hire someone who has experience and a degree, rather than someone who simply has ‘experience.’
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“...Because it sounded like fun, because he could drink beer and hang out.” In order to be successful at college, the student must be motivated. They need to have the drive to want to make good grades and learn. Simply wanting to gain the “college experience” is not a good enough reason to motivate one to go to college. Otherwise, the student could be wasting several thousands of dollars on their uncertainty and will be miserable.
College allows people to further explore their interests. A student is allowed to be free and choose their own career path. This allows them to be happier in the long run. They are able to see under which field they will be happiest and best at. Someone who does not attend college may end up going through several jobs trying to find happiness, but may end up miserable and