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Little Albert experiment (1920)
By Maddie Nelson, Steph Maxfield and Lauren Cameron
Step 1: Identify the research problem
To investigate whether fear was innate (something we were born with) or a conditioned response (something that we learn)
Step 2: Formulate a hypothesis It was predicted that fear can be inflicted when innocent things are paired with something that can be feared
IV – animals and noise
DV - fear
Step 3: Design the method 1. Find a small child in a hospital 2. Place the child in front of various fluffy animals 3. Put a rat in front of the child and when the child reaches for the rat make a loud banging noise behind him 4. Put the same animals in front of the child and observe reaction 5. Came back in 3 months’ time and did the same experiment and observed his reaction then
Step 4: Collect the data
The research was in recorded in quality form as well as being observed.
Step 5: Analyse the data
In this experiment a nine month old called Albert was given small fluffy animals in this room and when he went to touch the animal a loud scary sound was emanated from behind him, and then he screamed and cried when the sound was played, so he associated good with bad and it eventually became a fear. He kept getting tested every few months to see if it was staying a fear.
Step 6: interpret data
In this experiment a small child was given fluffy animals and then a loud sound was emanated from behind him, Keep going with that every…