Live Virtual Education In Public Schools

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Argumentative Assay

Live Virtual Education in Public Schools

The last years, live virtual education has reaching an important place in public schools. In general, the benefits that virtual education has brought, has generated a turn to traditional education. Furthermore, the easy access to computers and the internet advance also play an important role in the educational process. As a matter of fact, all these circumstances are positive benefits for education, more however, some people believe that students who do not attend in person to a classroom, are not sufficiently prepared to face the real world. Although, I suggest that live virtual education is a beneficial component for those students who for medical reasons cannot attend a classroom, for those who live far from schools, but mainly to help schools to reduce overcrowding in classrooms, providing an opportunity for all students to attend class.

Many people believe that live virtual classes does not show the same results as classroom education. Others believe that using a computer is impossible to teach the student the morals and values learned in the traditional classroom. They also argue that there is a great possibility that students who have difficulty in the learning process, can have a teacher whenever they need one being this an aggravating factor in the learning process, leaving students without the necessary academic preparation for their future. More however, live virtual classrooms and distance learning are gaining too much power, without paying attention to the comments of a minority that believes that virtual education is not effective. From my experience, live virtual classes are just the first step in the education of the future, especially today where technology is presented as an important tool in the learning process. One of the great advantages that this type of program offers is the possibility that students who must spend long periods of time in hospitals or in their homes due to medical problems or because their homes are located in very remote locations away from the schools can continue their education. Live virtual classes change this picture completely, in conjunction with technology and progress that both have day to day, generate solutions to other problems adjacent. Overcrowding in some public schools, for example, is a latent situation but that can be fixed easily with the help of such virtual programs. The tools are made, just a matter of learning to use them. Students in general are like doors that need a special key