Essay about Social Interaction

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How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations?
Social interaction has been changing over the years as technology has progressed. Especially during the last two decades, the evolving technology has provided a new definition to human relations. During the 1990’s, the only mobile company ruling was Nokia, and lived up to its tag line of “Connecting people”. That was one phase of social interaction then. As technology advanced further, we not only have numerous mobile options but with varied capabilities too. I strongly believe that these advancements have a positive as well as a negative impact on human relationships.
The modern technologies have made Internet
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To cope with these issues cities of the future should be meticulously planned and be able to negate these problems, i.e. the cities should be sustainable.
The cities of the future will be smart cities offering high quality eco-friendly living. The best elements of the existing cities will have to be studied and implemented to form an ideal city. The sustainable cities would see more open spaces and less travel required for basic requirements. People can leave their car at home and walk to the office, to school, to recreation center, or a retail shopping center. All the buildings will have state of the art technologies and will be located everywhere. All the systems of the building would be networked and there will be low maintenance. The new and old technologies will together form the heart of new cities.
Networking would form the basis of the future cities. People will be able to control the activities of their homes remotely. Virtual interactions will be common and would connect people anywhere. The communities will be linked and organized, and the digital divide will be a distant memory. People will see less travel for business as video conferencing would be easily available and meetings can be carried out virtually. Education will also change and online learning will be the most preferred methodology. By connecting the unconnected, we will be able to address the real world problems and create a more sustainable environment.
Future cities will be leaner