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Lab 1:
1. A) We believe that it is unethical to “steal” others wireless internet but if that person is too lazy to put a password on their wireless internet it should not be illegal for another to use it. The benefits do not outweigh the costs in this situation, it would be a waste of money to patrol people who are simply using others internet that didn’t put a password on their internet to secure it. In terms of burdening another person by using their internet it really depends on the tasks you are doing on their internet. If you are just casually browsing it won’t really affect them but if you are streaming it could make their connection slower or if you are doing anything illegal that could come back on them because its being done under their access.
B) Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security protocol for wireless networks that encrypts transmitted data, without any security your data can be intercepted without difficulty. However, WEP was an initial attempt to secure wireless networks, and improved security is now available such as DES, VPN, and WPA.
2. A) Wardriving machine is a person who dirves around in vehicle searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks using a portable computer, smartphone or PDA. Components you need in your vehicle (“machine”) to wardrive include: a laptop (or smartphone, PDA, etc.), a wireless Ethernet card, some kind of an external to extend the range of their laptop’s wireless card(optional), a GPS unit to help document the open networks(optional) and there is also software that people use to help find the networks(optional). Wardriving is used for a few reasons including to obtain a free Internet connection, an outside user wanting to intrude into a network and possibly gain access to company records and other resources or someone hired to show a company the level of ease it is to hack into their network(s).
B) This website contains a long list of tools to help people wardrive.

3. A) Port scanning can uncover a number of holes that a hacker could use against you. Companies internal controls could use port scanning to detect if their system is susceptible to hackers and how easy it would be for a hacker to hack them and to what degree. Unfortunately hackers use it on the regular to see how easy systems are to hack before they actually do anything and it is not considered illegal to “look”.
B) A hacker can log