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Savage Garden People have been writing books for thousands of years. Many topics and ideas have already been written about, so some authors write a new story that restates a book or idea. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is an allegory to the story of the Garden of Eden from the Bible and restates many of the topics and ideas from that story. In Lord of the Flies, the basic setting and characters parallel the Garden of Eden. In the story, a group of boys crash land in a beautiful and peaceful island paradise that directly resembles the Garden of Eden as described in the Bible. The island the boys land on is heart shaped, filled with beautiful trees and fruit, and abundant with animals just like the Garden of Eden. Soon the boys even find a clearing in the forest that is nice and quiet which parallels the tranquility of the Garden of Eden. The boys in Lord of the Flies start off innocent, but soon become very savvy. It is as if the island is imparting its knowledge just like the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The boys soon know how to kill pigs and then humans. Because these boys are twelve years old at the oldest, this is not something one would expect them to know. At that age, boys are still thought of as young and innocent, but these boys are cunning and resourceful. Like Adam and Eve, they transition from an innocent to a sinful existence. After a few days on the island, the boys think they see a beastie which ties in to the story of the serpent, or the devil as it turns out, from the Garden of Eden. First, the boys think the beastie is a pig and then they think it is a dead man with a parachute. Then one of the characters comes up with the conclusion that the beastie is inside each of the boys, and that they are all evil in some way. Some of the boys display this beastie inside them when they brutally kill and eat a sow. Eating the sow, which they should not eat since it is a sacred mother, is like Adam going against God and eating the sacred apple. The boys eventually