Lord of the Flies Essay

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Antigone essay Why is Creon a tragic hero? A tragic hero is a character known for being dignified and has flaw. Creon is best qualified for being a tragic hero because of his noble stature, and also his excessiveness of showing pride. The things he said and comments he made show how a man with everything could lose it all due to his own behavior. The things Creon said showed how he changed and became the tragic hero of the play.
Many of his words reveal his personality including his flaws. When Creon says " I call to God to witness that if I saw my Country headed for ruin, I should not be afraid to speak out plainly " (scene
1). It shows his strong leadership which is shown at the end of the play. " The inflexable heart breaks first, the toughest iron cracks first, and the wildest horses bend their necks at the pull of the smallest curb " (scene 2) is what Creon says to Antigone after finding out that she is the one who buried Polynieces. Creon thinks that if Antigone wasnt so arrogant then she could have avoided the consequence he was going to give her. The reason why Creon and Antigone come into so much conflict is because their ways of thinking are alike. " It is hard to deny the heart! but i will do it, I will not fight with destiny " (scene 5). This statement shoes Creon is at fault and how he needs to correct it. After talking to Teiresias, he realizes in order for the high powers to forgive him he needs to release Antigone. Creon reconizes his flaw, but it is to late