Lord Of The Flies Movie Vs Movie

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When comparing the Lord of the Flies novel to the original movie, you get a general feel for what the story is trying to convey but there is still a lack of emotion/ dept in the characters along with changing the entire story. Although you get a general idea of what Golding is trying to say, you need to read the actual novel to get a thorough understanding of the overall plot, feelings, and depictions. Just like any other “book to movie” comparison, the book is far more superior to the movie because it is able to capture the audiences’ attention and paint an exact picture of the character.

One of my first arguments is the lack of detail about the characters in the movie. In the book, Piggy is known as an outcast and is looked down upon because of his weight and overall annoyance. When you read the story, you picture a dramatically large boy that is completely ignored unless the other boys are poking fun at him. You also picture him to be somewhat of the responsible one, and although the movie suggests that he is all of those things, you don’t get a complete understanding of Piggy. In the movie Piggy isn’t as large as Golding explained, Piggy looks like an average boy but with some of his baby fat left over. Another example of a misinterpretation of a character is Jack. In the story Jack became the leader but made foolish decisions. Everyone followed Jacks ideas but Piggy was the one who was being reasonable and debating Jack opinion. Piggy was the closest thing the island had to an authority figure, therefore Jack was against him. Piggy was known to be the “buzz kill”. Due to all of this, Jack’s hatred towards Piggy caused him to be cruel and hateful to him. In the movie version, all this was true except that Jack didn’t seem to be as mean. Yes, Jack did have some snarky comments but he never got to the point where it was extreme bullying.

Another example of how the movie differs from the book is in the very beginning. In the novel we are told that the boys were deserted on the island due a plane attack. The story takes place during World War 2, so the boys were on the plane to evacuate the war zone and go to a place of safety. Air attacks were common towards this time, and it just so happens that they fell under…