Lord of the Flies Essay

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Chapter 8 “Gift for the Darkness ” Analysis For setting, at the beginning of the Chapter 8 we can see that the boys just wake up on the beach and later on, due to Jack says Ralph isn't a proper chief. Jack calls for a vote to remove Ralph and make himself chief, but nobody votes for him, so Jack is humiliated, crying and leaves from the group. While the boys are playing around, most of the them go join Jack in the mountain. This s a turning point in the novel. The biguns are publicly unwilling to oppose civilization, but privately they choose Jack,the beast and savagery. Then when Simon slips away from the camp, he returns to jungle glade, where he finds the sow’s head impales on the stake in the middle of the clearing. The sow's head is the Lord of the Flies, which symbolizes that the evil exists within all human being. The weather is not mentions in the chapter 8,but there are from “dawn-pale beach” and “a white blob against the place where the sun would rise,” [179] we can image that it is a sunny day. Otherwise, if it is a rainy day, later on they cannot work on building a new fire. Here, the rising of the sun brings a new day with more intense emotions and fears. The nice weather foils a strong rivalry between Ralph(civilization) and Jack (savagery) in the argument. Although the sun is rising, there is still a “dark mountain”. It is the darkness in both mood and tone. This gives ominous tone of the result of the meeting. Jack thinks Ralph verbal attacks his hunters. Jack is enraged and he calls the meeting with the conch. In the meeting, Jack says Ralph is like piggy and is not a qualified leader, so he calls a vote, but nobody votes for him. Jack storms off. This scene illustrates that the boys are still allegiant with civilization and order. They are reluctant to surrender to savagery. In chapter 8, there are different scenes, and each scenes creates varies of mood. At the beginning,when they are awake, Piggy and Ralph talk about the beast. The mood is frightening. Frightening, because the intellectual Piggy still cannot believe the beast is real. He is scared of the beast. When the boys are in the meeting, Jack argues with Ralph and the mood becomes tense. In addition, Jack blows the conch to call a meeting, it shows that Jack is still following civilization's rules. Then, when the boys build the Hope of the Signal Fire, which represents technology,