Losing Weight Essay

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If you will follow these few simple directions, you will be able to make an exercise routine, lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to do lose weight, you will need a few supplies. Remember, gathering these supplies and following a few simple directions will make your project a success. You are now ready to begin an exercise routine, lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle as long as you have the appropriate supplies, remember the safety rules, and follow each step. You will need several supplies in order to begin losing weight. First, you will need a calendar to track your routine in detail throughout the week. Next, you will need to find exercise equipment that will be used during your routine. Finally, to maintain your weight you will need to buy healthy food. You can buy most of the necessary supplies at Wal-Mart in Aberdeen, North Carolina. Now that you have gathered your supplies, there are some safety rules that need to be reviewed. Before you begin your exercise routine, you should remember not to overwork yourself. The point of a diet is not to starve yourself, so eat at the least five small meals throughout the day. Nothing is more important than staying with your routine. As you can see, safety rules are very important! Now that you have reviewed the safety rules and they are still fresh in your mind, you are ready to begin. First, you will need to start a gradually increasing exercise routine, the best way for this is to