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Annotated Bibliography

"Arranged Marriage." Indian. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2012. .
This web page informs the readers about an integral part of Indian culture which is the arranged marriage system. This page tells about how the parents choose a spouse for their child and the child obey it without a second word. This page also speaks about how this tradition has been modified over the years, whereby now, the children’s consent is important. Other customs such as looking into the to-be-couples horror scopes are also mentioned in this web page. This shows what happens in the novel when Sriptahi and Mr.Bhat visit each other’s homes, exchange horrorscopes and also discuss about their children’s marriages. The elderly takes responsibility for the young people as they have more experience and they young are obliged to listen to them. This webpage tells a lot about the traditional and present day marriage customs in India and it also points out the reason for such kinds of marriages. However, the web page is lacking information on how this traditional form of marriage is better than the modern way of marrying and also lacks information on the details of the marriage such as what happens on the first day, after marriage etc…

"Lifestyle." Indian. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2012. .
This page seeks to define the different art forms and cultures in India together with the traditional life style followed by most Indians up to now. The page also tells about the joint family system in India, whereby up to twenty people live in the same house and the eldest earning male member is the head of the family. It also speaks about the role of women in a family and how elderly people are treated in a family. This supports some of the main ideas within The Hero’s Walk, whereby Sripathi who is the eldest and only male member of the family, takes over the responsibilities at a young age. This web page also speaks about the lives of Nirmala who works hard for her family and also about Ammaya, who despite her attitude is still respected by others in the family. This website however does not explain in detail, the effects urbanization has caused on the family life of India and the absence of an author and publisher, which raises a concern, on whether the content could be really based on facts. Nevertheless, it still has the necessary elements which are also present in the novel.

"SOCIAL CULTURE." INDIAN MIRROR. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2012. .
This webpage informs about caste system in India and it also gives details about the role of women in the family, the major religions in India, education system in India etc… The author of the article argues that caste system is a way adopted by Brahmins to express their superiority and to maintain it. The web page also informs about how the four different castes are treated within the society. The novel at various places shows how the higher class (the Brahmins) looks upon the lower castes with shame and disgust, and also Raju and Sripathi speaks about how their current life is judged, by their actions in former life. Other Hindu religious beliefs such casting an evil eye, position of stars on the horror scope are also mentioned in the novel. This web page tells about a lot of customs happening within the novel and can be thus a credible source. However, certain faults within the web page could include the absence of an author and publisher, which raises a concern, on whether the content could be really based on facts.

Wirth, Maria. "Meditation - Love in India." Love in India. N.p., Nov. 2007. Web. 02 Dec. 2012. .
This article defines the meaning of true love and how the Indian concept of love differs from that of the West. Maria also points out the meaning of love from a Hindu perspective, and thus she tells about how true love is not possible between individuals but rather it is in the oneness of all. Among the various points she makes, she also tells that Indians do not give much importance to