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Paying College Athletes
Many Colleges today benefit from their college athletes. College athletics grow and continues to bring in large amount of financial benefits to the college. This topic is very sticky and brings up a lot of debate concerning student athletes being paid to play. A lot of individuals believe that the scholarships that student athletes receive for their education should be enough.
College athletes bring in a lot of money to there college. Student athletes should receive some amount of this income that is coming in to the institution. With out student athletes Colleges would lose out on the main source of income that they have for the institution. Colleges should take better care of their student’s athletes especially when your student athletes are bringing in the institution a high source of income. There is a high Majority of Student Athletes that graduate college in debt because of the amount of money they receive is not enough to pay for all the expenses and basic life necessitates that you need to live. If college athletes got paid there would be a higher percentage of athletes graduating for college instead of dropping out or taking a break for school because the athlete doesn’t have the means or income to stay in school. Paying student athletes would benefit everyone the athletes could stay in school in tell they graduated and could focus more on there education with not having to worry about a financial Burdon and the institution would still get there high source of income to help fund any means the college uses that money for.
The ethical behavior on the topic is the based upon the behavior of what is (Existentialism). This argument of why student athletes should be paid to play is just scratching surface. This idea of paying college students to get paid to play has been on a lot of individuals minds but know one had enough courage to step up and take action and speak about well that’s until a guy named Mark Emmer the president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (N.C.A.A). Just a few months after Mark Emmer got the job just over a year ago has the president of the N.C.A.A made a bold move by acknowledging this issue and bring up to the board. This caused a big issue with the board of the N.C.A.A because of all the rules and regulations the N.C.A.A has on college athlete’s receiving Special treatment. Mark went on to Explain to the board if Division 1 schools paid their athletes that where involved in their major sports for there institutions like Football and Basketball a Stipend of 2000 it would be against N.C.A.A regulations if they would but it in a contract before the even committed to a school that if you kept a certain grad point average and kept out of trouble out side of school including social media it would work and not just benefit the athlete but also the institution. Statistic on how much time students athlete spend outside of class work should open your eyes and rethink if your against give student athlete a little income for all the time they put in outside the class room but still benefits the school.

N.C.A.A gave a survey to 21,000 current athletes