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Team Leadership Memo
October 20, 2014
David Rollins

Upper Management

Learning Team D
October 20, 2014
New Team Leadership

At the discretion of upper management, I have been made manager of a new team that has been put together. The team comprises the organizations crème de la crème: Angela, Lance, Dorothy and Vanessa. The recently developed department is a part of the strategic plan for our organization to enter a particular market segment. This memo is designed to explain the plan for success by outlining the leadership approach for each team member. The approach is developed based on the theories of leadership and each member’s individual personalities.
Personality Assessment
Personality assessments for individual team members are complete through the Junigan 16-type Personality Assessment. Fortunately, we have similar personality results among the team members that will assist us in obtaining our goals. Both Vanessa and Iare fall into the category of ENTP personalities. The ENTP personality is slated as innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial. Dorothy and Angela have also scored similarly as ENFP. According to their results, they are people-oriented, creative, and highly optimistic. The final team member Lance’s results were completely different as the only male on the team. He is ISTJ described as organized, compulsive, private, trustworthy, and practical. His personality will bring objectivity to the other similar personalities.
Leadership Approaches Having the team’s personality assessment assists greatly in evaluating the situation in terms of urgency and culture. While urgency is a concern, and we will be working under a considerable amount of pressure, we will be careful to consider what is important to avoid over-looking critical information. We want to be sure that the difference between our goals and achievement are acceptable and work to decrease performance gaps. Additionally, the results of the assessment help me as lead manager determine which task areas may be a better fit for each member. Within our team, as is within the organizational culture, team members can feel free to speak openly giving objectivity and new ideas to facilitate achieving new goals. Members in our group are innovative, creative, organized and will certainly work well together in this new market.
The particular leadership approach I find most useful is path-goal theory that says "the leader's job is to assist followers in attaining their goals…"