Management and Academic Success Essay

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Will Uehlein
DVST 160
Academic Success There are many qualities that I possess that help out with my acdemic success. There are also many qualities that I do not possess that I would like to develop. One of the biggest qualities I would like to possess is time management. This has been one of my biggest weeknesses my whole life. I wanna be able to set times when I am going to study and do my homework and stick to it. In the passed I have tried this but could not stick to my plan. I think that if develop this qualite it will really help me out in the long run. I am going to begin setting different times to get my work done. If I stick to this plan I should be able to get all my work done. I would also like to develop better orgainzational skills so that I can keep all my notes and work together. If I can do this I won’t mix up my notes with other classes and will be able to study better. One thing that I have going for me is that I am a hard worker. If I can put my hard working skills into my studies I will be better off. I think this because right now I am lazy with my work and it’s not getting me anywhere. Another thing I possess is my social skills. When I am talking to people I have no problem but when im lost in class I don’t ask questions. If I just learn to ask questions when im lost it will help me out a lot. I hope to be able to pick up some of these qualities so that it will help out my academic…