Continuing Academic Success Essay

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There are many tools that one can use to achieve academic success. Goal setting can have a great impact on the road to academic success. It is important that students become familiar with these tools in order for them to take advantage of them. A few important recourses are Write Point, the Plagiarism Checker, and the Library. It is also important to understand the different between websites which are credible and not credible.
Ethical Lens Inventory
The Ethical Lens Inventory can help students make better decisions by understanding where they fit in regard to the reputation and relationship lens. This will also help students realize what their blind spot is. Understanding these points will help students learn their strengths and weaknesses.
Critical Thinking According to "The Critical Thinking Community" (2013), “Critical thinking is that mode of thinking - about any subject, content, or problem - in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it” (para. 2). Improving my critical thinking skills will help me on my journey to academic success. In order to keep my emotions from clouding my thinking process, I will be sure to avoid any hot spots as this will allow me to remain objective.
University Resources
There are several different university resources available to help students on their journey to academic success. The resources I will use are the plagiarism checker, write point, the university library, and the student workshops. The plagiarism will check my paper to help ensure I am citing my resources properly and giving credit where it is due. Write point will check my paper to ensure it is grammatically correct. Reading over my errors will help develop my personal writing skills which will help me with my academic success. The student workshops will help prepare for classes that I may have difficulty in.
Setting Goals Setting goals will give students something to work towards. This process will help students to create a timeline of completing their assignments. Unnecessary stress can ultimately hinder the students drive to continue education. Setting realistic goals of completing an assignment one day ahead of time will help the student with their time management skills. Students may have to write down a schedule of when he or she can work on completing the assignment, but this will help them achieve their goal. Achieving these goals will help the student feel productive and accomplished.
Writing Process and Using Outside Sources The writing process is an important tool in academic success. Understanding how to break down