Management and Appreciating Individual Differences Essay

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Vinny The Nguyen
BMGT 374

Application Paper This paper discussed everything we have covered and learned in the Organizational Behavior course and how it benefits toward my profession, nonetheless, be able to use these concepts in my life. There are sixteen modules that we have cover throughout the class but I will deliberate only five and how it will change my way of understanding the organization. The five modules that I will talk about are: Organizational Culture, Appreciating Individual Differences: Intelligence, Ability, Personality, Core Self-Evaluations, Attitudes, and Emotions, Motivation: needs, Job Design, and Satisfaction, Making Decisions, and the last will be Managing Conflict and Negotiating. Understanding my Organization Culture is particularly important and cannot be ignored when I have the opportunity in moving up the corporate ladder and future advancement. Spirit AeroSystems is a place where I have worked for the past three years with a bright future in enhancing my career. By culture, I must have the knowledge of Spirit pattern of behavior, attitudes, structure and practices. I have to be aware about their core values, beliefs and corporate ethics, or simply stated: “How things are done around here.” (M. Jason Martin, 2006) Why understanding my employer’s culture is important? It is because how it affects me in many ways, such as the hours I will be performing per day and per week. How I would dress for work to benefits my employees and employer. Everything will be related in management styles and professional. I have learned that Spirit culture is to provide an industry-leading aero-structure and systems at a competitive cost and create a unique partners and employees. All of these to ensure a long-term value in their people, knowledge and technology. Spirit operating mission which I understand is to adapt, apply, and respect for all through teamwork and dignity also. It is my pleasure to work for an organization that provides high-value in customer service and to be the most successful and admired aircraft industry manufacturers in the world. ( These are the reason why it is essential to understand Spirit culture and its working environment, the relationships between employees and how things get done within that environment. For me to be a valuable asset toward my organization or other organizations, I should focus on building and sustaining those assets in order to build a solid and long lasting foundation of myself. So when it is time for me to be a leader, these are vital information in order to engage a safer, more productive and happier employee. The Appreciating Individual Differences through Intelligence, Ability, Personality, Attitudes, and Emotions is very important to me because it will help my perspective in dealing with diversify cultures and behaviors within the organization. Emotional intelligence plays a significant role of an individual’s potential. It is a set of skills that I can cultivate to benefit me. I have to recognize each and every one differences because they do affect the level of job performance, job satisfaction, behaviors, and other factors. Appreciating my employee’s abilities could enhance their self-esteem, self-efficacy, and emotional stability. For me to be a successful management, I have to acknowledge my employees recognition, such as; praising others for their good work. This module helps me see the benefits it played out when I appreciate their differences. The cost of appreciating my employees’ behaviors is quite small but the benefits are large when implemented effectively. If what I have learn so far, appreciation individual difference could increases individual productivity, higher loyalty, job satisfaction, performance feedback, and lower negative effects such as absenteeism, stress, low morale and bad attitudes. This is a key success factor for management effectively, organization success and