Management and Credible Source Essay

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I have to influence someone who (His name is Jack) is part of the senior management and recently joined my division. With in-short period of time, Jack is able to excite and impress many people above and below him with his leadership. Jack has strong authoritative leadership style. Due to his strong position in organization, he can play significant role in my future growth in the organization. To grow further in my current division organization, not only I need blessing of my manager but also someone from the senior management (like Jack) has to endorse my manager recommendations. Jack knows briefly about me and my past accomplishments through my manager. As part of US visit, I met him couple of times during my visit but still I am yet make an impactful influence.
Recently I have come to know that he has some serious conflict with his direct staffs and his manager (Sr. Vice president) on improving the current process, which is not productive and an efficient. Since he is new to the organization, it is becoming challenging for him to persuade about his ideas and vision. So, he is looking for a support with-in division. He is looking for someone in the organization who can take his initial ideas and come-up with high level plan to implement his proposed ideas and vision. Person has to be a strong manager who can take his vision and persuade others in the company that his proposed ideas are going to improve the productivity and ownership with-in the organization. I am very well aware about this situation, his expectation and challenges he is going through. So, I am planning to step-in the situation using reciprocity influence style. Using this style, I would like to create an opportunity where I can work closely with him and demonstrate my skills.
My first attempt would be to give him initial support what he is not getting from his staff and manager. During his next visit to office, I am planning to come-up with brief presentation that will illustrate the high level strategy to implement his ideas. If I am able to make an impact successfully using my presentation, I would be able to give him a start that he is looking for. He would use my initial ground work to convince others in the division. By doing this way, I will be able to create an obligation. I will indirectly influence him to start working with me. With this opportunity, not only I will able to create a good working relation with me but also able to demonstrate my skills. Eventually, this is all going to help to me grow