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Mark played baseball well and break records ever since he started as a kid to great in high school, college, and in majors. For high school Mark was so good at pitching that he could have pitch for the Montreal Expos. When Mark was at USC he would establish a season record of 32 homeruns, Mark would also be name College Player of the Year. In the MLB Mark would be name AL Rookie of the year, and he would also win only two World Series. But in 1998 is where his most know for on and off the field, what Mark did is hard for most baseball players to accomplish, and what Mark did was not only for him-self but for the fans too. It all starts off the 1994-1995 Baseball Strike; this was a bad time for baseball mostly with the loss of the 1994 season and the postseason. After this horrible strike it would likely “Strike” out the whole league as many people did not come to see baseball the people did not seem baseball as fun sport to watch anymore. But this all change when it came to the 1998 season. During this time Mark was traded to the Cardinals and he starts off the season well, but he would not be the only one doing well in this season, Sammy Sosa would also looking forward breaking the single season most homeruns. This is what the people would come to see in baseball, something that is so rare to see that it would hard to ever see again, and this would bring most people to come and watch baseball. With this race going on people would see Mark and Sammy trade blows of who is leading in the race and it would be so close at one moment Mark would close to the record and the next game Sammy would be ahead. It would get so close that one moment Sammy would have his 48th home run and then on that Mark would hit his 48th and 49th home run. Mark would later on start being way ahead of Sammy in the race, but on September 8, 1998 Mark is one more hit away from clearing Roger Maris record, Mark was sitting on 61 home runs, Mark would be playing against the Cubs and everyone is watching to see if Mark would hit the big 62. On