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Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest multinational company which founded andheadquartered in Auckland, New Zealand which has almost 15,900 employees. Fonterracontain rich heritage of dairy expertise and passion. This comes from generations of producing quality dairy products enjoyed by consumers and consumers in more than 140countries. Today, it is the world’s leading exporter of dairy products and responsible for more than 1 third of international trade. The Fonterra are famous with their dairy productsuch as Anchor which is also known as Fernleaf which provide good nutrition for everyone , Anlene which is specially formulated for adult’s optimal bone health and alsoAnmum which is design to meet the needs of pregnant and nursing mothers. Besides that,the other key point products of Fonterra are cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, and also butter.Fonterra’s strategy was focuses on four areas to meet the challenges andopportunities in the dairy industry. Firstly, Fonterra always ensure that their productsremain one of the lowest costs, sustainable dairy co-operatives in the world. Besides that,it also builds trusting partnerships with customers by being a multi-origin supplier, and builds more valuable relationships through supply chain integration and innovation.Furthermore, in high growth markets, where it is not practical to use New Zealand milk,Fonterra will leverage their cow to consumer expertise to take leadership positions usinglocally produced milk. Lastly, Fonterra want to makes their products the first choice of customers and consumers wherever they do business.Recently, Our company had produced a new product which is an energy bar, BBBAR. The energy bar is providing a high concentration of carbohydrates, proteins andfats. BB BAR is made from cereal, whole grain wheat, milk, and nuts. It consist muchnutrition which can provide us with a combination of essential nutrients like fiber,vitamins and minerals. Whole grain foods play an important diet in our daily life whichwas selling at RM2.99 per bar.
Marketing Mix
Marketing mix strategy is a set of controllable tactical marketing tools that firm blends to produce the response it wants in target market. Marketing mix often called as the 4 Ps-
Products, Price, Promotion and Place (Distributions). Our company had produced a new product base on this strategy.
Our company had produced a new product which called BB BAR
. It is marketed tofulfill the consumer wants and needs. It can also call as an energy bar. BB BARis madefrom cereal, whole grain wheat, milk, and nuts. It consist much nutrition which can provide us with a combination of essential nutrients like fibre, vitamins and minerals.Whole grain foods play an important diet in our daily life. BB BAR has been judged by the Health Department which ensures that it issuitable serve to everyone. BB BAR is considered as a convenience goods and is aninexpensive item. Consumer would buy frequently, without much conscious thought.Compared to the others a brand, our product has a new image that attracts consumer’sattentions.We had use a unique name that sets the product apart from the other competitors.This made the consumers easily remember our products name and be more awareness toour products. Besides that we also design a slogan which made it more awareness byconsumers. Through this method, the consumer will recognize our product when they areconsidering a particular product category. Our product name is shown as below: Packaging of a product is known as an important part of a product. It helps to protect the product from damage, contain the product, promote product benefits,communicate and add convenience to the consumer. Fonterra Company had decided tocreate a new image of packaging to attract more attention from consumer and made moreawareness to the market. Our new package is look convenience for the consumer due tothe cover is designed for an easy opening.On the package of our new product, we