Essay on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights Movement

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MLK’s Influential Letter The “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” written by Martin Luther King Jr., was an influential letter that was a signal to change the attitudes of African Americans. The letter was put together during his harsh incarceration in the Birmingham Jail. The passionate response was in regards to criticism of the nonviolent protest that the King had led due to his hate towards the segregation laws in Birmingham. The King commits himself to help defend and explain why his followers and himself were taking action now, rather than later and get the civil rights movement underway. The King always used the same attitude and technique to respond to criticism of clergymen as he did standing against the unjust segregation laws. The King never verbally attacked clergymen criticism but instead, with much respect, he would always object calmly. The respect that the King had for others was enormous. He waited to the election of his mayor ended before he began his leadership in nonviolent protests, because he wanted there to be no inflict of major issues during campaigning. The King’s main issues dealt with why African Americans did not have equal rights. Christians and clergymen told them one day it will come, but the King responded with the motivation that cannot wait for a better moment to begin. The King’s confrontation of opposition from the church and many other social groups was dealt by the reciting of quotes from the Bible with counterarguments that sufficed the issue greatly. Throughout the movement the King was always referring his followers and himself to other biblical movements, and even to the crucifixion of Jesus. The clergymen did not know why the King has not used any sort of negotiation with the first response to the laws. In this case it was out the question that the African Americans could not negotiate, they had to react now. The way the African Americans showed their concern was by the use of nonviolent sit-ins and marches; therefore, that was their type of negotiation. He would always state the true and awful treatment that African Americans have to deal with on a daily basis, which needed to be put to rest already. The King’s children would always ask him why the white man hates them so much, and why