Maslow ' s Hierarchy of Needs and Motivational Techniques Essay

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Evaluation question on motivation AS Business

I run a small business, why are my staff demotivated? Starter

 - Maybe they are on short-term contracts - Maybe you only pay them the minimum wage
- Maybe there are few opportunities for promotion as you are only a small business
- Maybe they are low skilled and you are trying to increase their level of responsibility and it is proving too much for them


Motivational techniques have been the main method used by The
Authentic Food
Company Ltd to create an effective workforce. Do you agree with this view?
Justify your decision.
(14 Marks)

January 2010
Question 1d

 Read the question carefully and underline any key words which will need defining.
 Read the case study and highlight anything relevant for the answer.
 Make a few small bullet point notes of a structure

Step by step

Definition of Motivational Techniques
Argument For
• The company supports and encourages social activities –
• Effective employees are promoted and rewarded with pay bonuses encouraging improved performance
• Team working in the firm offers motivational benefits due to social aspect of it – Maslow
• Team working encourages empowerment – enhancing performance Argument Against

However, the firm invests in training which should boost the performance of the workforce.

The company is retaining workers
(8% labour turnover) who are well trained and effective workers.

Firm has invested £1 in production technology which contributes to the effectiveness of the workforce.

Evaluation – Don’t just repeat what you already have written!
In evaluation…In retrospect…When assessing fully…….Overall we must consider……
• The employees are obviously motivated well as they nominated their firm as one of Britain’s best employers.
• HOWEVER, there is limited evidence to show that this has made the workforce effective.
• ARGUABLY training is the most important factor – as company places great importance on it.
• Is there any real evidence the firm’s workforce is effective? The company’s profit margins are falling…….

Step 1: Definition

 Define motivational techniques.