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June 5, 2007 is my birthday. I remember waking up in my mothers hands with bright lights everywhere. I live on a farm with lots of animals and my two siblings who are twins , and only two years older than I am. This story is different then most its about finding out who I really am and finding out the true meaning of life.

Every morning I wake up , go down to the kitchen and eat my favorite cereal with my two brothers. Coco Puffs were always my favorite and the same for my brothers Toby and Louis. I hated watching the clock strike 9, it meant my brothers had to catch the bus and I was left outside playing with my only friend. My best friend is Kirby , yeah its sad my best friend can't talk to me because hes a squirrel but for some reason I can't leave him alone. It must be because i'm so bored and my only fun till the boys get home and trying to catch Kirby. I play outside till mothers calls me in for lunch that's when I sit on the couch with my mom and eat my favorite snack. My mother and I watch movies until the boys get back, thats when mother lets me back out to greet them and play outside until the sun goes down.

I loved my life until I started to see changes with everyones behavior. It all started when louis dropped a coco puff and I went over and ate it right off the floor, the only thing was it didn't taste like my coco puffs. My mother immediately called the doctor and was asking if I

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could get sick from it. I tried asking what the big deal was but I was overlooked completely and told to be quite. This all started a series of strange events, the next morning I found myself running down the road chasing the mailman , I couldn't control it , it was as if an alarm went off in my head and it was my job to catch him. My main problem was that I still was not able to connect with my parents or brothers , I am seven years old now and I can't speak. My world became a mystery and I was determined to find out the truth.

It was february 7, 2014 and this day I found out who I really am. I remember waking up all excited thinking I had a play date with my moms friend, but when I got there it was just some silly fluffy pet like one on the farm. The only thing was I could understand him and he could understand me. I immediately questioned him as if he was insane, I came to the realization that day , that the only one insane was me. Im not the creature who I thought I was, I was something different that the “humans” call a dog. No different than a pet or any animal on the farm.

The nexts months were hard, I walked around like I had no meaning in this world and I came up with my decision to run away. I ran as far as I could, i'm not exactly sure where but I was at least in a different state. I was gone for two weeks thinking no one cared that I was gone and that everyone including my family had forgotten about me. But one day as I crossed a street

dodging cars, I found a picture. This picture was of me and it said something underneath it, it looked like this “REWARD”. Although I had no idea what that meant I took it as a sign to come back. So I did and as I walked to the door I found myself covered with arms with