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MBO 定义
MBM 定义
MBO Management philosophy管理理念 * view economic activity exclusively through the lens of financial quantities, rather than in terms of human livelihoods and economic needs. * people thought any form and scale of economic activity will not bring any negative impact on natural environment and human life, the only question they need consider is the profit and number. * Maximization of shareholder wealth became widely accepted as the one and only goal of business。
MBM Management philosophy管理理念 * aware of the limit of natural resources. * everything that exists is related, ultimately, to everything else that exists * everything that exists is self-organizing * constant interaction among all self-organizing entities produces a continual unfolding 
of more diversity and complexity
MBO Policies政策 * 每个部门都分散考虑本部门的目标和行动,忽略无形联系带来的各种影响。 * 员工也只是整个管理过程的一部分,机器一样的运作而不再是独立的个人。 * operations do not exist primarily to produce products or services, but to meet cost and revenue targets. * consumption and production can grow without limit, and managers have succumbed to the illusion that
physical limits to economic growth do not
MBM policies * a system that is guided by robust and effective operating principles. * Focus is on the means by which goals are met. * Focus is on how the whole system performs. * Profit is necessary for the companis’ survival, but is not the company’s reason for being.
MBO Practices实践…