Media Violence Essay

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Dear Editor,
As a 14 freshman student in High School I believe that new Common Core is bad for students in different grades for several reasons. For instance, Common Core eliminates a lot of the literature-based reading, requiring many readings to have informational texts to help kids learn. The results of this are bad in ways such as increased behavioral problems when students get bored for reading just for information. I believe that books should contain some information while also making it fun for the student. Making the text fun for the student will make the student want to actually read the text and they will pertain the information. Also students will be getting lower grades, which are expected to lead to increased drop-out rates causing many people not to graduate high school or college and graduating will be needed in today’s world where not too many jobs are available. Some additional issues with Common Core are the assessments that accompany the standards that will increase money spending and budgets of the school. Common Core standards are not curriculum and do not require local districts to adopt curriculum. However, laws that may be passed requires schools to administer the PARCC tests, one of two federally funded tests that are based on Common Core standards. Testing based upon the standards will effectively require all schools to adopt new curriculum that is associated with Common Core which will cost districts hundreds of millions. While most schools are