Sonya Scene Analysis

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SONYA: He didn’t say anything… I still don’t know what he thinks or feels about me, so why do I feel so happy? I told him he was sensitive, that he had a gentle voice… I hope that was a proper thing to say… when I said that about him… he didn’t understand. Why aren’t I beautiful? It’s awful, just awful, being so ugly, and I am, I’m ugly, I know I am, I know I am! … Last Sunday, coming out of the church, I heard them talking about me, one woman said: "She's kind and unselfish, but it's a pity she's so plain..." So plain... ELENA: The storm is over. How lovely the air is. Where's the doctor?
SONYA: He's gone.
ELENA: Sophie!
SONYA: What?
ELENA: How long are you going to stay mad at me? We haven't done each other any harm. Why should we be enemies? That's enough now.

SONYA: I myself wanted- I won't be angry any more.
ELENA: Good!
SONYA: Has papa gone to bed?
ELENA: No, he's sitting up in the living room. It's been weeks now that you and I haven't spoken- God knows why.
SONYA: I've wanted to make up for a long time, but I felt somehow ashamed.
ELENA: Why are you crying?
SONYA: I don't know... it's just me.
ELENA: You silly girl, now I'm crying too. You're mad at me, because you think I married your father for money... I swear to you that I married him for love. I was attracted to him an intelligent, celebrated man. It was make believe, but you see it seemed real to me at the time. I'm not guilty. But from the day of our wedding, you haven’t stopped accusing me with your suspicious eyes. It's not becoming. If you can't trust people, what's the point of living?

SONYA: Tell me something truly, as a friend... Are you happy?
SONYA: I knew that. One more question. Tell me frankly- wouldn't you have liked your husband to be young?
ELENA: What a child you are still. Of course I would. Well go on, ask me something else.
SONYA: Do you like the doctor?
ELENA: Yes, very much.
SONYA: I must seem stupid, don't I? He just left, and I can still hear his voice and his footsteps, and when I look at that dark window… I can see his face…Own up... Tell me something about him.