Medical Termination of Pregnancy: The Abortion Essay

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Lilian Gabriela Villalobos
Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez
ENGL 501
December 02, 2012

The Abortion
An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. Is death and expulsion of the fetus before five months pregnant; through history around the world and in many religions women have used abortion as part of health care. Sometimes it's really hard to tell what has been expelled, given the changes that suffer not only the fetus but the placenta and membranes.

Some causes of abortion can be problems with spouses, hunger, deprivation, terror, despair, common alcoholism, syphilis or tuberculosis, also suffered together. Too many women get an abortion because of: • You cannot keep the baby
• They think their parents would be angry if they find out they are pregnant.
• They think they can no longer continue studying to have the baby.

The abortion psychologically affects the couple for a long time. Some people do not consider induced abortion criminal act. This criterion has been in certain civilizations and today is practiced with impunity in certain societies. The Church is against to find him opposite the commandment "Do not kill", as it considers the fetus a life from the moment of conception and a miracle and gift from God.

Society rejects abortion and discriminate the mother does it, but not aware of the reasons which led it to do. The situation of adolescents against abortion deserves special attention because of their economic, cultural and social barriers