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Career Exploration Assignment: Radiologist
Steven Hernandez
April 13, 2014
Mrs. Warren

Mondays & Wednesday 11:30-1250

The career that I first had in mind when I began college here at Lone Star was to become a Radiologist. This career luckily matches up with my interest and my personality type. A Radiologist can also be known as a Diagnostic Radiology. A radiologist is a medical doctor or doctors who are imaging expert with specialized training in receiving and analyzing medical images obtained by using either and X-ray, radiograph, Cat scan or radioactive substances like nuclear medicine. Radiologist can also analyze medical images through other means such Ultra Sounds and MRIs. Radiology positions in the same discipline are Radiation Oncologist and Dosimetrists and Radiation therapists. Radiation Oncologist is specialists in cancer treatment, which often involves the use of radiation or radioactive substances. Diagnostics Radiology and Radiation Oncologist differ due to different training necessities that are required for the positions. Dosimetrists and Radiation Therapists support the work of interventional radiologists and radiation oncologists. Both work in cohesive, while Dosmetric therapist calculates the most effective method of delivering the radiation therapy and also calculating the proper amount of radiation exposure to kill the tumor and save healthy cells. While the Radiation therapist are trained to apply the radiation directed by the Dosimetrist. Radiologist requires a significant amount of formal education. Pre-medicine students have the freedom to major in any subject but need to meet prerequisites in math, biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, physics and the humanities. The path of become a Radiologist typically begins with obtaining a bachelor’s degree, but there is also two other existing options you can do to pursue into the field of radiology: a certificate program that takes one to two years or a two-year associate’s degree. After Graduating Med-school, a physician needs to complete four years of radiology residence 1-2 years of fellowship training, to become a radiologist. A ARRT License/certification is differ from state to state but is mandatory to have. Some require that a state application be submitted prior to work, while others require only the ARRT certification and registration results. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is the world’s largest credentialing organization that seeks patients get the rigvht sort of care they need in medical imaging. Some skills needed for the job are active listing, critical thinking, Judging and decisions making, complex problem solving, active learning and also social perceptiveness. Although I can honestly say that the pay for my career is pretty good. The earnings for a new hire Radiologist with less than 5 years of experience, the salary ranges from 100,000 – 187,000. The lifetime salary for the position of a physician that has worked for the company 20 – 40 years of experience will get the maximum salary of 310,000 – 400,000 yearly. For the the average salary of a radiologist that’s makes $216,577 annually will receive $31 hourly. The salary for radiologist is determined by various factors such years of work experience, gender, region of practice. Radiologist’s salary is one of the highest salaries on medical field compared to other medical