Mental: United States Constitution and Rights Essay

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The Fourth Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights that is in the United States Constitution. This Amendment guards and protects people from unnecessary searches and seizures along with retrieving a warrant to be judicially reviewed, sanctioned and supported by probable cause. Such as an unreasonable arrest also known as a seizure, the Amendment proscribes of unreasonable searches of people, homes, or personal property without the proof of a warrant. In the case of retrieving a warrant under the Fourth Amendment, the law enforcement officers have to receive a written permission from the court law also known as a magistrate. This would allow the Law Enforcement officers to search and seize any belongings or evidence lawfully. This would be applicable if the law enforcement officers have a probable cause to believe that this search would uncover and reveal criminal activity or contraband. Now that we have gotten the description of what the article stated, not to mention what the Fourth Amendment stated, we can now talk about how the article relates to the Fourth Amendment. First, as we all know that the Law enforcement officers were searching through many files of taxes in Amalia’s Tax Services. In their search they found over 1,000 files that where fraud and using false Social Security Numbers, the information was shown in the court. The court was not able to use that information because it was unlawfully retrieved, the law enforcement officers needed a warrant from a judge official. The reason for that is because of the Fourth Amendment which protects them from unnecessary searches and seizures. This is one of the reason why the fourth amendment relates to this article, the law