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All managers must have a variety of skills which can help them operate a company effectively. Some people hold the view that decision-makingskills and technical skills play the most important roles in management. However, others believe that communication is the most crucial skill for each level of management. This essay will argue that although some consider that technical skills and decision-making skills are important, communication is the foundation of these skills particularly motivating and coorperation and team work.
It is true that some skills such as technical skills and decision-making skills are essential for managers to operate a company. Technical skills are used by all levels of managers to understand how productionoccurs in a company and directemployeeseffectively (Dwyer & Hopwood, 2009, p.8).Furthermore, decision making skills are needed in choosing an appropriate alternative in order to bring the maximum profit to the organization (Horsley et al. 2000, p.7).
However, communication skills are the foundation of most skills needed for management including technical skills and decision making skills. For example, motivation skills play an essential role in the process of management so that staff are willing to achieve the objectives with leaders. Hickey et al. (2005, pp27-31) state that communication is the foundation of motivation. This is because when managers listen to and implement the suggestions provided by workers, this means that workers feel satisfied because they realized their value. This benefits the company because workers who feel valued are more productive. Many behavioral theorists regard motivation as an essential factor that promotes (Note, 'encourages' would be a better choice of word) people to work in an representative way and to decide if the required goal can be accomplished by staff (Hickey & Williams 2005, p 27-31).
Communication can provide a solid foundation for cooperation and teamwork, especially in a large company. According to