Middle East, Oil, Renewable Energy, And America

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20 March 2014 Middle East, Oil, Renewable Energy, and America
Have you ever wonder why the gas price is so high in America? It’s because gas price goes up every time there is conflict or turmoil in the Middle East. Also what renewable energy can be used to replace oil use in America?
All the details and why that happens and what could be changed to solve the problem, is what this research argument essay is all about. Also will be shedding some light on why the USA depends so much on Middle East oil export. Well According to Gokdemir, Levent the “Middle East’s geography demonstrates importance from views of politics, economics and security for the USA”. What readers my get from that is not only is the Middle East important to the USA for politics, and security; but also the economy, which is where the oil comes into play. Oil plays a major role in the USA economy because without oil the average American that doesn’t have electric cars or any other renewable energy powered vehicle. Will not be able to make it to work and if the average Joe doesn’t make it to work they won’t have money to spend on goods and if goods aren’t being bought its hurts the US economy. There is a quick fix to the problem the US face if that was to happen and that fix would be to use the oil reserves that the US has been producing.
Note the words “quick fix” because the oil reserves in the US won’t last us forever it is estimated to last at the maximum one hundred and sixty five days. This is why the US should aggressively pursue renewable energy like wind power, solar power, and nuclear energy. It will not be easy to quit using oil because oil has been a big part of the world economy not only the united states economy and it has a lot of connections with powers positions of not only the United States but other countries as well. According to the article Oil in the Encyclopedia of American foreign policy they mention “Oil has been and continues to be central military power and to modern industrial society, and possession of ample domestic oil supplies and control over access to foreign oil reserves is a significant.” Which is why the United States dominated oil production in the first half of the twenty first century. Resulted in the depletion of domestic oil in the United States. Which is why the United States had to start thinking about where their oil will come from after they expended all their domestic oil. The idea to look abroad for the United States oil needs was brought up by secretary of defense James Forrestal in early 1948. Which is when the United States set its sight on the Middle Eastern oil reserves as stated in the article Oil Secretary of Defense James Forrestal “Meeting with the head of the Socony- Vacuum Oil Company to discuss the impact of turmoil over Palestine on access to Middle East Oil”. After the end of World War II the United States started making moves to take over western oil interest in the Middle East from Great Britain.
One of the biggest moves happened as mentioned in “OIL” when the USA fearing the Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq who whom the USA failed to mediate an oil settlement, might displace the shah who was pro western oil relationship. Which resulted in the US Helping organize, finance, and directed a coup that removed Mossadeq and established a government that’s willing to reach an oil settlement on western terms.
The United States Economy relies heavily oil so when the U.S domestic oil production no longer able to meet demand. They have to import there oil from the Middle East and that’s where the connection that when there conflicts in the Middle East it makes it difficult to produce oil which results in gas prices going up in the U.S. as stated earlier we don’t have to relay on the Middle Eastern oil or our own domestic oil. The renewable energy that my potential one day replace oil is. According to Philippidis, George “Biomass and