Essay on Milestones Activities

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A: Team Formation
1. Understand member's background.
2. Meet with the whole team.
B: Business model canvas
1. Team meeting
2. B.2 Describe and understand the business idea (LetsLearn App)
3. Brainstorming the idea and the App capabilities.
4. Comments and first draft of Business Model Canvas.
5. Use an online tool to transform draft and comments into a complete model.
C: Customer discovery plan
1. Team meeting.
2. State our problem ( or App) hypothesis
3. Creating a draft of the following:
2.1 Identify the value proposition.
2.2 Identify targeted customers, relationship, and channel.
2.3 Identify potential partners.
2.4 Identify the key activities that will take place along with their resources.
2.5 Identifying the business idea cost and ways to gain revenue.
4. Transferring the draft into a complete version.
5. Identify the number of our different customers segment we hope to reach, method to reach them, and the responsibility of each team member.
6. Creating a draft of the interview questions.
D: Customer interviews
1. Team meeting
2. Review interview's questions.
3. Reach customers and get information.
4. Test our App problem hypothesis.
5. Test our App concept.
6. Validation and verification.
E: Legal Issues
1. Team meeting
2. Identify the legal issues of the business idea.
2.1 Legal protection.
2.2 Intellectual property.
F: Concept Submission
1. Team meeting.
2. Review the overall concept and plan.
3. Complete version of the business concept.
G: Market & Strategy