Essay Military of Ancient Greece

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Throughout the course of history there have been many great and powerful civilizations. These civilizations made their way to power in many ways including military force, great wealth, and politics. These civilizations include the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Romans, and in more recent times, the United States of America. Another civilization that is often mentioned to be a part of this prestigious group is that of the Ancient Greeks. The primary reason being the Ancient Greek’s military advancement made them superior to the other ancient armies of the time allowing their civilization to grow. The Greeks went through many, many years of colonizing, invasions and other rough times before they were able to become the envy of the ancient …show more content…
(IBID) Another great leader of the Greeks was Alexander the Great. Although he was not technically Greek (he was Macedonian), he did unite the Greeks and allowed them to take over almost the entire known world. Alexander was one of the youngest Greek military leaders in ancient times and probably the smartest and most cunning generals of all time. Alexander started conquering at about the age of twenty and had conquered the whole of the Peloponnesian Peninsula within a couple of years. After having this success he led the united armies of Greece to Asia Minor and started to work his way up and down the whole of the Persian Empire until he defeated the King Darius of Persia and took the empire for himself. After he had control of the Persian Empire he tried to take the jungles of India but was repelled due to the decline in the morale in his troops and because of a horrible injury that he received in battle with an Indian king. He was taken back to Babylon and later died due to infection. This man was one of the greatest of the Ancient Greeks because he was a great warrior and king, and he also spread Greek influence throughout the known world. If there is one thing that the Greeks were noted for it is their wealth in brilliant scientists and inventors. Some of the greatest tools and implements that are used today can be traced back to Ancient Greek inventors and their inventions, including those built for war. One of their