Mineral H20 Essay

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Minerals are needed to maintain structure and regulate chemical reactions and body processes. For example calcium helps keep our bones strong and sodium, potassium and chloride help regulate water balance. Major minerals like all minerals are needed in our daily diet, sodium, potassium, and chloride just to name a few are the major ones needed. There are also smaller amounts of minerals needed known as trace minerals such as iron, copper and zinc to name of few. All minerals are needed whether they are known as major or trace minerals all work together in the body to help each of their given functions. Water have many functions in the body just as minerals, it can help protect our cells when we keep them clean from bathing, water also helps lubricate he joints, which helps cushion the joints against shock. Water also keeps our blood flow regulated so as not to develop high blood pressure. Water provides energy without it could cause dehydration, without the right amount of water intake daily can cause disruptions in the functions of the body, its known you can last longer without food than water, for example without just food you may be able to survive for about eight weeks without water only a few days. The general effect of dehydration on the body is thirst, our body becomes very thirsty so we want to begin drinking as much as we can, but we need to be careful what we drink. For example it must have electrolytes if…