Mitt Romney Essay

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Mitt Romney for President

Do you want to keep your job? If that answer is yes you should elect Mitt Romney for President. He will create a tremendous amount of jobs and his tax deduction plan will save you lots of money. He also will reduce the gross domestic price by a whopping twenty percent.
Mitt Romney plans to rebuild the American economy and the four princebles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation. During his presidency he want to reduce taxes, spending regulation and government programs. Everybody like more money in peoples pocket. If Mitt Romney wins the election he will put extra money in your pocket.
Smaller, simpler and smarter government, Romneys spending plan, he plans to decrease government spending. Government spending is harming the economy by distorting the market place and creating a high level of uncertantity. luckily the American economy huge capaticity for growth gives our country many chances to correct ourselves and grow
During the last three years in office federal spending has increased tremendously in 2010 we had a 3.5 trillion in federal spending it is projected to increase to 5.6 trillion within the next decade. Mitt Romney plans to cut twenty percent of gross domestic product in the four years he will run in office. Repealing Obama care can save 95 billion dollars. The federal government should stop doing things Americans cannot afford like the 95 billion dollar price of Obama care.
During the presidential debate Obama explained how he created five million private sector jobs. Obama did not talk…