Mitt Romney for President Essay

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Mitt Romney for President Mitt Romney, one of the 2012 presidential candidates, is a strong advocate of conservative ideals. He is not a career politician by trade; rather, he’s a conservative businessman who has spent most of his life turning around struggling businesses and building new ones. In America’s moment of crisis, Romney believes “liberty, opportunity, and free enterprise” will help guide us back on the road to prosperity (2011 Romney). America is in need of someone who is, most importantly, able to maintain finances as well as provide an elite representation of a strong, independent nation. And according to Alex Spillius of The Daily Telegraph, unlike his competitors, Mitt Romney has “out-raised and out-organized all his rivals, without yet dipping into his fortune.” I believe, with Romney’s experience in politics, as the 70th governor of Massachusetts, along with his experience in entrepreneurship, as a consultant to Bain & Company as well as a co-founder to Bain Capital, his credentials position him above the other 2012 presidential candidates. One of Romney’s beliefs is to cut our countries spending. While all the candidates plan on cutting spending, Romney specifically plans on getting rid of programs such as “Obamacare” because over the next ten years it is going to cost the country approximately ten trillion dollars in tax payer money. A major downfall with “Obamacare” is that it will give people who have the money to buy health insurance the ability to receive government-funded treatment anyway. This becomes an issue because this is the exact problem our country has, not living within its means. Mitt Romney’s plan is to take a “smaller, simpler, and smarter approach to government.” He is right when he says that we have a “moral responsibility” not to spend more than our country takes in, because our country is habituated with deficit spending. During Obama’s administration, our deficit went up from approximately two to four percent to about ten percent of our gross domestic product. This means that our government spent over ten percent of what the country’s original income was. According to Mitt Romney, this uncontrollable deficit spending is causing our nation to resort to borrowing enormous amounts of money from other countries. Romney’s number one goal is to ultimately put a cap on government spending, forcing our country to live within its means. His experience as an entrepreneur gives him the ability to formulate an economic strategy that will begin to remove the debt that is growing at a rapid rate. In cutting “Obamacare,” Mitt Romney intends on replacing it with “market-based reforms that empower states and individuals and reduce health care costs” (2011 Romney). This means that it will give the states the freedom to establish their own health care benefits, making it more affordable and flexible for the average resident. Giving the states this power also helps to minimize the role of the federal government in the every day lives of citizens. By scaling back the federal government involvement he hopes to find ways to cut back spending as well as the sheer level of bureaucracy. Romney intends to expand the tax deductions already in place to include those who wish to purchase their own health insurance. A simple change like this will give everyone what he or she wants. People with current coverage are not affected at all, while individuals without coverage will have more affordable options available. Like many conservative Republicans before him, Romney’s stance on foreign policy rings true to their core values; however, non-violent policy will be his focal point. Romney’s main goal is to propagate the American values among developing nations. History teaches that nations who share core tenets and values are better partners and will tend to stand together for common security and affluence. In addition to propagating the American values in other unindustrialized nations, he firmly believes