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1. Executive Summary
The purpose of this work is to prepare a new communications strategy for Casa Andina Hotel in Peru. Casa Andina is a Peruvian owned hotel chain in Peru founded in 2003 and which has become the most important hotel group in the country. It currently has 18 hotels located in different locations in Peru and operates through 3 separate brands: Private Collection, Classic and Select.
This work will focus on a new strategy for their recently developed Select Brand which targets business and urban travellers as well as local companies for the use of conference facilities. The objective of this strategy is to increase both awareness and growth of this new Brand.
In addition the media usage of these targets has been identified deriving in the usage of direct mailing, advertisement, social media and internet. Consequently, the creative strategy emphasizes the unique characteristics of Casa Andina and trademark of the hotel group such as their supreme quality of service, facilities and differentiation elements. The budget has been allocated to be £50,000 for this campaign and it will mainly be distributed along the hi-tech development and social media costs.

2. Introduction
Casa Andina is a Peruvian owned and operated hotel group. It is inspired by Peru’s unique regional destinations and attractions and this is focused on their decoration, architecture, gastronomy, activities and music.
It is part of the Interbank Business Group formed entirely by Peruvian capital along with other business in the retail and banking industries, hence having a solid financial stability and diversity. Casa Andina was founded in 2003 and since then it has become the most important hotel group in Peru based on their annual income as well as quantity of hotels, destinations covered and rooms available. They currently have 20 hotels located in 11 of the most visited destinations in Peru.
Furthermore, it is divided into three brands; Private Collection, for the top end tourists who look for spectacular locations characterised by their exquisite local gastronomy with exquisite view restaurants, architecture and service. Casa Andina Classic; comfortable, value hotels located in central locations and Casa Andina Select, focused on business travel.
Their mission is “To create authentic experiences that exceed traveller’s expectations” and their vision is “To be the leading hotel chain in Latin America, thanks to our co-workers and sustained social commitment.” Casa Andina has the following values embedded in their organization: Passion for what we do, Respect, Optimism, Teamwork, Honesty, Proactive Solutions and Innovation. 3. Segmentation
Casa Andina is divided into three brands with different targets in order to accommodate to each customer’s needs and preferences. 4.1 Private Collection
These are located in amazing locations with upscale properties conveying the local feeling of the region. Their target is high end local and international tourists looking to have the best possible experience full of local flavour and are willing to pay higher prices in order to have it.

4.2 Classic
This brand focuses in conveying value for money although reflecting a regional sense of place and ultimate convenience. They are located in the hearts of cities within walking distance of local amenities.

4.3 Select
The brand targets modern, urban and business travellers looking for service, efficiency and affordable style. They are conveniently located near the business centres with conference rooms and health centre.

4. PEST Analysis
The following PEST analysis will describe how the Tourism Industry operates in Peru’s macro environment. To see detailed analysis see Appendix

5. Competitor Analysis
Casa Andina competes in several segments with different brands across the country. Its competitors vary from hotel groups to individual hotels in each location. The following