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Detoxification is the key
Dr. Jane Miller, Ph.D.
It is important to reduce accumulated toxic waste every one thousand miles. The detoxification regime involves gallons of water, to be ingested slowly over at least one week. Aerobic exercise at least once a day is highly recommended. Running every other day for over an hour will reduce the week into three days. The process should be focused on an individual’s chemical nature. You should consult your doctor before beginning detoxification, especially if you demonstrate the following symptoms:
Dry mouth
Phantom smells
High blood pressure
Body aches
Muscle spasms
Addictive personality
For each toxin stored in the body, there is a counter-toxin provided by herbal leaves and roots. The counter-toxins neutralize and mitigate toxins through a highly charged chemical reaction. For example, oak root removes iron deposits. To destroy excess blood sugar, simply ingest weed grass. See table 1A below for more information:
Toxins can reach a critical mass and could result in spontaneous combustion. The link between high toxin levels and insanity has also been well documented. For your health, you should always reduce your toxins and consume copious amounts of water. For without our health, how would we survive?
Are you okay, Sparky?
Dr. Randy Wilson
Herbs have supplemented traditional healthcare since the dawn of time. For even the most intense of ailments, a root or leaf can be the “silver bullet” to good health. Now over 90% of North American doctors provide herbs as part of their patient’s health.
What about our pets?
For most people, pets are like members of the family. Rather than being the second or first-cousins that no one is quite sure to whom they are related, pets are more like daughters and sons. This is especially true for couples who have no children of their own.
Despite the how valuable pets are, herbs are rarely used in traditional veterinary care. Home remedies can provide safe alternatives to dangerous drugs and expensive prescriptions. Most pet problems can be solved using available household items.
Garlic can prevent parasites and infections. By mixing garlic cloves with olive oil and peppermint, you can create a mouthwash for Fido, or an eye wash for Kitty. Eucalyptus, rosemary and sage are natural diuretic agents for removing harmful toxins. By lining your pet’s bed with majoram and bay leaves, you will ensure a sound sleep for yourself as well. Cedar and oak will prevent excessive shedding if used with an oatmeal-based shampoo.
To prevent fleas and ticks, you could create your own pet dip using the following ingredients:
2 cups of ground green tea leaves
1 citronella candle
4 tablespoons of sage
½ pound of garlic cloves
Just add the candle to a hot pan and mix it with the green tea leaves. Once the mixture is cooled, fold in the sage and cloves. Place the pet in lukewarm water and gently brush the dip in using a steel brush. Keep in the fur for at least 15-20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and dry pet with a used rag. Remove all excess dip from the nose and ears.
You can also add wormwood and black walnut acorns for worm prevention. Hot tea can be added to dry food to provide anti-oxidants for healthy skin. You should try this when the pet is young to develop a taste for it.
Pet health is as important as ours. I hope these household remedies will reduce your veterinarian bill and increase the lifespan of our furry friends.
Question & Answer with Dr. Nelson
Dr. William Nelson is nutritional education specialist from Hypothetical University. He also runs a private clinic and health care salon in the back of a recreational