Module 8 Assignment Essay

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Your Name: Rodrigo Ferreira

IET 2305
Spring Semester 2015
Learning Module Eight
Management Styles and Controls (Management Principles)

Information about the company:
The company has one plant located in North Georgia.
The plant has 50 employees.
The plant makes a variety of cloth products, such as bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and kitchen towels.
The washcloth is one of eight different cloth products that the company makes.

Based on the above information and the information contained in the Learning Module Lecture, answer the following three questions. More detailed answers will receive a higher grade than short brief answers.

1. Recommend an appropriate organization structure for the company. Explain the reasons for your choice.
I believe the appropriate structure for this company would be flat organization. Knowing that this company can still be considered a small company, having less middle management levels reduces the amount of bureaucracy, leaving top managers the chance of contacting and providing direct feedback to employees in charge of every single station or production. This direct contact among few top managers and employees would allow the company to get rid of that long line of communication many companies have, something that could create a lot of communication issues. Reducing the time that would take to make a decision from managers is also a benefit of this structure, this gives an employee the chance of take immediate decisions without needing approval from middle and top managers, only from one or in some cases from no managers.

2. Recommend an appropriate management style for the company. Explain the reasons for your choice.
I am one of those that believes a company should be focused on the well-being of its employees, and that encompasses everything that the employee needs to perform efficiently and be happy in the work place. Therefore, I believe Humans Relations theory is the appropriate management style