Monster-Personal Narrative

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My jaws dropped as I clutched the paper in front of me. My eyes frantically glossed over the entire page, examining every single detail from re-reading the questions to the answers I put down. In the end I simply cursed silently, told myself to do better, and thought of the new game I was playing, nothing more. I was on my way to geometry, crossing through an empty hallway that not many used. I heard shuffling behind me. From the corner of my eye I saw the silhouette of a shadow. Its presence, I could feel was immense, one that overshadowed mine, like the difference between a monster and its prey. I increased my pace. I heard the scuffling getting louder and louder. I held my breath and turned around; I saw my classmate.
“What did you get bro” he said inching closer to me.
I responded hesitantly, “I got a… 70...”.
He replied with a crooked smile, “Really, that sucks… come on what happened, that was a really easy test.”
I never gave him a definitive answer but those words struck me. Easy? I never thought any of that was easy, I was initially glad
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I remember in freshman year when I had seating placements for orchestra, I stressed out when I saw I was placed almost at the back. I remember in sophomore year, I recited what I was going to need say for a spanish presentation, all because I didn’t want people to know that I was incompetent. I remember the same year during the winter, I practiced basketball shotsshooting basketballs in below freezing temperatures just so I wouldn’t be considered a liability on my rec basketball team. I found myself very often frustrated at myself. I used to think of how other people going toon academic competitions and I was there at school, struggling to keep an A. Life at that point was like blur, with nothing to look forward to, except to constantly worry about the upcoming exam or how people would judgejudged me. I lost sight of what I was during that time. , Nnothing made me