Personal Narrative: Monster

Words: 358
Pages: 2

I had lived my life and once I had died I was surrounded in an agonizing blackness. Until one day I awoke disoriented, cold, and hungry with a sharp pain in my head. The first thing I saw was a hideous scientist how looked frightened I was here. As if I had just appeared out of the abyss to kill him. ‘’Arrrghhh.’’ He didn’t understand my language. It was almost like he had never seen a human before. The chemicals, the cold floor, and the lab table it must have been a lab and I was the subject.
As soon as the scientist left screaming as if he had seen a monster. I grabbed his overcoat and ran out the door into a huge opening with trees with grass randomly placed. They had a familiar scent it was almost as if I had recognized it. I was wondering